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Proudly South African Electronic Manufacturing Services 

We are a proudly South African, ISO9001.2015 certified contract electronics manufacturing service partner. We provide build solutions so you can focus on your core strengths. We provide clearly defined quality standards from pre-preparation to final assembly of components on PCB. Cost effective production systems and sound fiscal planning are applied to meet our customers’ requirements and expectations in terms of quality assurance and competency development.

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By manufacturing in our certified ESD(Electrostatic Discharge) protected production facility, we ensure that all PCB assemblies are protected against electrical discharge that could cause damage to electronic devices causing equipment failure, product malfunction, or injury to employees and visitors. This, in addition to our strict quality standards, ensures that we can confidently produce defect-free products for our customers.
Our staff are trained by industry experts with a mixture of both on the job and off the job training. This ensures our employees are operating at the best of their ability with both theoretical and practical experience.
Being a contract manufacturing company allows our customers to benefit from savings on their cost of capital. You do not have to pay for the facility and equipment needed for production. You also save on labour costs such as wages, training and benefits. You can also take advantage of skills that you do not possess, for example, a company that requires cable harnesses for their products but have no knowledge of them. This would leave you free to focus on your core competencies.
By having many customers that we manufacture for are able to offer reduced costs in acquiring raw materials by buying common components in bulk. The more units there are in one shipment, the less expensive the price per unit will be. This translates to a lower cost to our customers.



Assembling the most challenging PCB assemblies.

We cater to both THT (Through Hole Technology) and SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assemblies.

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Our PCB department is ESD Certified and equipped with a fully automated SMD production line along with multiple work stations for conventional PCB.

Our production line features 3 Samsung Pick-and-Place machines capable of placing components at a rate of 45 000 CPH (Components Per Hour).

Low volumes can be done manually to keep set up costs low. Components are placed by hand by highly our experienced staff. All products are QC inspected under high magnification under our digital microscopes.

Meeting modern military standards for improved durability, shielding, and waterproofing.

We manufacture harnesses ranging from simple point-to-point, to complex multi-branched assemblies. We provide custom wiring harness design and manufacturing as well as cable harnesses to commercial, military, medical, automotive and industrial markets.

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High volume work is taken care of by our fully-automated production line, however, low volume work is also catered for and is done on our semi-automated line to keep the cost to our customers low. All harnesses are tested on either customer supplied or custom made test jigs. Destructive test equipment is also used to demonstrate the amount of pull force the cables and connectors can withstand.
Sealing pourous materials for added protection.

Wasomi Enetrprises is pleased to announce the arrival of VPI to manufacturing and rework companies. This service is now available to all markets as an add-on service to your customers, offering improved reliability, fast turnaround times and loss prevention due to leakage caused by porosity that naturally occurs in all cast metal products. Minimize customer returns and complaints. We work to MIL-I-17563C (Class 1 & 3), ensuring QC and traceability for our customers’ piece of mind.

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Used in various industries to seal leakage due to porosity in various materials, just about anything can be treated. Castings are impregnated for several reasons, the most obvious of which is to prevent leakage. Other important reasons for impregnating are to prevent corrosion, improve surface finish, remove sites that may lodge food particles and cause bacterial growth, and to prevent back seepage of occluded fluids.

Quality Assurance throughout the production line is achieved by:

• Confirm all Contact Manufacturing with all T & C’s and set the standard for pre-start up and production.
• Implement competency development and HSE program to all staff.
• Electronic SOP(Starndard Operating Procedures) for efficient changes and minimum downtime.
• Tracking all products at various stages by barcode, microdot or serial numbers.
• Stakeholder’s feedback for continuous improvement.
• Configuration Management control.
• Strict control of storage environment and shipping standards.
• Aim for Meeting and achieving IPC standards after achieving ISO9000 status.

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Our on-site inspectors and Quality Assurance teams will work closely with our customer to understand the material procurement, quality control, and production processes to root out the cause of any problems in order to implement effective containment and corrective actions.

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We test and measure equipment on-site for surface resistance levels at work stations, storage locations, protective equipment itself, ground boxes and wires, and the dissipative flooring to make sure the facility is effectively controlling ESD levels. Poor ESD controls result in damaged electronic components and assemblies.

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We conduct a visual, mechanical, and cosmetic inspections on our products. All products require an inspection plan, which includes:
• Sampling Plan and Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)
• Detailed production specifications and acceptability standards
• Packaging standard
• Inspection checklist
• Golden Sample (known-good unit)

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Documentation Review – We review your work instructions, visual aids, and standards to make sure the production operators have the approved competency.
SOP Implementation & Process Review – if the step-by-step assembly process is inefficient or prone to allowing mistakes, we recommend competency based learning.
Configuration Control – Makes sure procedures, work instructions, standards, and training guides are kept up-to-date and are valid.
Training – We have on going competency based training for continuous improvement on new technology or products. We work closely to vendors' guidelines to ensure warranty is in place.
First-Article Inspection –Quality Assurance teams will work closely with our customer to understand the material procurement, quality control, and production processes to root out the cause of a problem before it can occur.
Real-time Corrective Action Implementation – We implement problem solving rather than problem reporting. If there is a problem on the line, we trace it down to the source, fix it and then document it.
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Wasomi Enterprises, is owned by a Husband & Wife team, and is managed on principles that ensure quality at all levels of production and consciously applied efficiencies. The business is 100% black owned and 51% black female owned adn is a Level One (135% B-BBEE Procurement Recognition) contributor. The combined relevant experiences of 37 years of the owners and key staff include manufacturing processes in BARCOM Electronics, having worked in an environment that demanded quality within military quality standards. Experiences gained was in production, laboratory and configuration control.



Wasomi Enterprises business philosophy is to make the needs of our customers our main priority. It is our mission to provide our customers with fast turnaround, exceptional quality, unparalleled customer service and competitive pricing. To achieve this position, we will implement our company's plan to create a state-of-the-art PCBA facility and invest in research and development initiatives. We will continuously monitor our operations and continuously improve them.
The revolution that’s taking place is freeing up manufacturers to do what they do best – staying aligned with their customers over the lives of multiple products.
Our Mission:   Is to provide competitive, high quality Electronic, cable and Mechanical assemblies and individualized customer service, while encouraging employee creativity, motivation, and competent team work in a continuously improving environment.


  • Customer Driven: Deliver high performance service to our customers
  • Integrity: We are transparent in our dealings
  • Passion for Excellence: We empower ourselves to make the difference
  • People Focused: Build relationships to achieve results.
  • Innovative Problem Solving: We pride ourselves in our ability to solve our customers’ problems
  • Teamwork: Lead, Inspire and Motivate.
Unit 6 Robelle Park,
21 Rosebelle Lane,
Durban North, 4051


  • (Tel) +27 31 705 1376
  • (email) info@wasomi.co.za